A Villain’s Arc with a Hero’s Heart: The Jeff Varner Story

On Wednesday’s episode of Survivor, “What Happens On Exile, Stays On Exile,” Jeff Varner publicly outed Zeke Smith’s gender history as a severely misguided “strategy” to paint Zeke as a deceptive player. It was single-handedly the worst thing Jeff Varner has ever done which is most likely amplified due to the national attention this story is receiving. This is a story of two stories: The Rise of Zeke Smith as a LGBTQ-hero and the Fall of Jeff Varner as a (momentary) LGBTQ betrayer. A lot of people are talking about both stories. And you can’t really talk about one without the other. But today, I would like to talk about Jeff Varner.

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Clifford Myers

Clifford Myers is the 2014 recipient of Best Emerging Artist in Performance at the Hamilton Arts Awards being a productive member of the Hamilton comedy community since 2009.

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