Who we are:

Bent Q Media is a multimedia company run by and for members of Hamilton Ontario’s diverse and vibrant LGBTQ2SI+ communities. We develop content and provide a platform with the intention strengthening queer Hamiltonians connection with community.

Our Values:

We believe in accountability, and strive to conduct our business in a way that is transparent and responsive to the needs of the community we serve.

We believe that community is vital to the well-being and survival of Hamilton’s (and indeed the worlds) diverse LGBTQ2SI+ communities, and aim to strengthen our connection to our community in all we do.

We believe that our differences are a source of strength. We believe in highlighting our diversity and celebrating our differences. We do not conform to a single narrative of what it is to be queer, nor do we position any LGBTQ2SI+ identity or lifestyle as more or less authentic or valid than any other. We believe that queer media should always reflect the diversity of the queer experience.

We believe in social justice, and operate in an anti-oppression framework. We acknowledge that power differentials exist, that privilege exists, and that an intersectional analysis is crucial. We do not make claims of neutrality on issues of oppression, and do not develop content or provide a platform for content containing material that is transphobic, trans-exclusionary, homophobic, biphobic, white supremacist, racist, patriarchal, misogynistic, ableist or conveying any other attitude that contributes to the oppression of groups of people, whether overtly or implicitly.

We believe that oppression is unacceptable, and that we are not truly free while any group of people remains oppressed. We stand in solidarity with all marginalized people and recognize our responsibility to address systemic oppressions everywhere.