Statement from Kate Dalton, Chair of the Hamilton Pride 2017 Committee

To our fellow queer and trans community members,

Its that time of year when we come together as a community and celebrate who we are and how we love. Over the month of June both the Pride committee and various organizers will be hosting various events that seek to celebrate as well as reflect our diversity.

As a committee we believe that the wide range of ages, ethnic identities, gender identities, abilities, sexual identities and more are our strength and are to be celebrated. Which is why this year, on top of having the traditional park day, we are also hosting events that attempt to cater to as many interests and needs as we had time and capacity to arrange. The events that the committee have arranged includes the park day, dance nights, an informational panel, an art opening, a live music night, an All Bodies Swim, Sew Your Own Flag and more.

Historically, we have been able to dance and laugh in the face of discrimination and have redefined the meaning of love and family in ways that better take into the count the breadth of the human experience. Though our community has lost many of our spaces and supports in the recent past, we strive to create supports for ourselves and have fun while doing so.

So this Pride, lets be present for each other, educate ourselves, express ourselves and enjoy each others company in recognition of the awesomeness that we bring as individuals and revolutionary fabulousness we are as a whole.

Be Proud,

Kate Dalton and the Pride Hamilton Committee

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For a listing of committee-lead and community Pride events, check out Bent Q’s Hamilton Pride 2017 Events Listing¬†

For inquiries about participation in the Hamilton Pride 2017 BBQ and Festival, contact Marlon Picken at 

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