We want to make space for the vibrant and diverse queer experiences in Hamilton!

  • Do you have feelings about queer things you want to share?
  • Do you want to share your art? Poetry, Music, Paintings/Mixed Media/Digital Art, Photography, a preview of your Zine, photos of your handmade works: Embroidery, Jewellery, Knitting/Crochet, Beadwork, or any artistic and creative crafts!)
  • Do you have a program that you are running and want to tell us its story?

Don’t be shy to send your awesomeness our way! Submissions can be sent here and if your content meets our anti-oppression standards and we feel that it meets our goals of strengthening community, we will post it. We prefer writing be 600-800 words or less. ¬†Along with your images of artwork, send us a description/accompanying story and a brief bio (50 words or less) about yourself!

Please note for article submissions: Right now, all we can offer in return for your skill, labour and wisdom is our heartfelt appreciation, and hopefully in the future, money. Running a site like this is expensive and we need to get established before we can offer honoraria to contributors, so at this time it is voluntary. It is our plan to be able to offer compensation for submissions as soon as we have the capacity to do so.


~ The Bent Q Team