Writing Challenge: Back to School

This is the first of our new Bent Q Writing Challenge, a challenge giving community contributors a theme for blog submissions.

As the summer starts to come to a close, folks start thinking about school. Queers and school have always had a complicated relationship, for some of us academia has proven to be a place where we can flourish, for many of us our experience with education has been a challenge. We want to hear about your experience in school, whether you are a queer student, teacher, found academia to be inaccessible to you, or are looking back at your past experiences. Our August writing challenge is anything and everything related to queerness and school, be it grade school, high-school, post secondary school, driving school – whatever you got, we are into it.  Send us your opinion pieces, personal essays, back-to-school art or music playlists, or school-related thoughts, and the selected pieces will be published on Bent Q in September!


  • Please make your Back to School submissions by August 31st.
  • Written pieces should be approximately 600-1000 words in length, but we are pretty flexible and open to publishing longer pieces.
  • Submitted content should align with our values to be considered for publishing.
  • Submissions should be sent to info@bentq.ca, along with the name/alias you would like to use, a short (think two sentences) bio, and a picture we can use for your author profile (which can be a picture of you, a picture of you in a disguise, or a picture of something that represents you but is not in fact you).
  • If you have something you would like to submit that is not relevant to our Back to School Writing Challenge, you are absolutely and always welcome to!

Thanks, and happy writing!

-The Bent Q team


Bent Q Media

The Bent Q Media team

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